There are days when the only significant memory you have is that of the weekends. The rest, a big gray blur.

- January 2014

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"I’m getting used to early morning conversations-between-sips of hot black coffee, and cigarette drags on my cold, parched lips. Pauses of silence to burn the view in memory trying to keep the wakefulness from kicking in…

But I’d trade it with almost-midnight ghost stories bereft of blankets, with nothing but the cold and condensations for our imagined ghosts.”

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What do you do when you’ve just moved and you’re awash in cardboard boxes? Create mock movie sets of course! 

Lilly and Leon use household objects and leftover boxes to recreate famous movie scenes with their son Orson. 

Welcome to the Cardboard Box Office

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Favorite Anime Openings » Samurai Champloo Opening

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Bruce Timm

Sorry for the long as hell post, but I think Batman The Animated Series and Bruce Timm deserves it.

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The characters of Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Watch the trailer here.

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